Manly Pottery

Artist Statement

I used to be an auto mechanic, and love all mechanical things. I enjoy designing and making one of a kind artworks that I call metal ware.
These unique pieces are inspired from old rusty metal cans, flame throwers, machines, and engines that I find at yard sales and flea markets and then transform them into clay teapots. They are mostly thrown on the potter’s wheel in sections, altered, and assembled with some slab made parts.
I do not cast nor use a mold of any kind. I put all my heart and soul into every piece with extra attention to all the details like screw heads, welding marks, and various valve stems. They are constructed with special tools that I have made using personal techniques that I have developed specifically to create my art work. Although I thoroughly enjoy making my metal ware, the greatest pleasure comes from watching someone examine my art work with a large smile of approval.